Ozarks International Raceway 2022
Ozarks International Raceway 2022

PSI Motorsports USA has real exciting news for you, car racers and speed lovers! In partnership with Ozarks International Raceway, we were able to secure a practice/open track day at this breathtaking, brand new racetrack. Event will take place on Saturday, May 7th, guaranteed! We might also have the chance of adding some driving sessions on Sunday, with small groups of cars (To be confirmed). This is a technical track with several challenging turns. There will be a pace car for the first two/three sessions, to allow drivers to get familiar with the track. Race instructors will available on request at time of registration. We will have 9 car hauler going from Wheeling to Ozarks and back. If you would like to have your car transported please send us a message. Our boat party will take place on lake of Ozarks on Saturday evening. Everyone is invited. Team PSI will have a mechanic on side for some quick repairs. Car show will occur on Saturday. Entry cost 25$ Friday morning we will start our “Rally to Ozarks International Raceway,. from Naperville IL. Exotic cars, Sports cars, race cars as well as regular street cars are invited to join! Share and invite your friends, this is a family rally/event and everybody is welcome. Next stop Isringhausen Imports Porsche, located in Springfield, IL. Enjoy cool sport cars and a lunch break, to get fully refreshed and with plenty of speedy energy. Time to pack and head to St. Louis, the perfect spot to take a picture under The Gateway Arch. Finally, heading to Ozarks, just in time to get prepared for our main event, which will take place over the weekend of May the 7th. A PSI's 2021 Toyota Supra and 2017 VW GTi is available for rental at the track. PSI will also provide personal driving experience, alongside our drivers, in a breathtaking Porsche Clubsport or BMW e92. Our parade laps is a scheduled for noon. So anyone can drive on new race track for free. Of course with speed limit of 50mph. Kids are allowed. No helmet required. Once again our mission is to ensure safety to the drivers, while helping the Ukrainian people. Please make sure you will have race helmets with you. Snell 2015 or newer is required. You can buy one for affordable price at zamp-racing.com

Laps around Ozarks International Raceway in a variety of a cars:

BMW e92:


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eUh0D2hMufs&t=19s Race

Toyota Supra GR:


Porsche Clubsport 718 GT4:


Ford Mustang GT4:


Mazda Miata MX-5:


Dancing in a rain:


360' angle camera. Pratcice with Porsche 911 Cup Car:



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